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Construction of the Mosque of Namazgja and Employment Fund


For next year, the difference of 5% will be more than that; it will go to 3.4 or 5, depending on the profit tax amount paid by business of this industry; the entire amount will go to the fund.

So it seems that this is a flexible fund, moreover because of the flexibility acquired by its level of 5% of the difference of the profit tax amount; we will also invite other donors domestic or foreign, who have sensitivity to employment schemes, which support economic development and especially this industry. It will be an open platform, not only for the state budget, but also to all donors and other partners to support this important program that is employment.

The second decision that I want to share with you is a decision that has to do with a long lingering issue. This decision opens the road to the construction of the Namazgja mosque and to the construction of the Museum of Cohabitation.

Both these works have a special significance. The Museum of Cohabitation is an important work because it creates the institution of a national value, with which we take pride, and a value, which for the sake of truth is admired also by developed countries. And on the other hand, since it is about the same territory, for the same position, this solution, the building permit issued on 3 October this year, and today's decision to build the museum open the way for the resumption of works to build the Namazgja Mosque.

It is an obligation of our entire society, but the Government has taken all of its responsibilities to pave the way, not just for building a mosque, but for building an important place of worship for the Muslim community, side by side a museum of religious coexistence, one of the values of which we are very proud.

To be more precise, today's decision has to do with taking responsibility from the government to pay full value, according to the law on expropriation of private property for the surface on which the Museum of Cohabitation will be built.

Of course, before coming to today's decision of the Council of Ministers, we have followed all the procedures that the law provides for fair assessment and notification within the legal limits also to owners who are affected by the expropriation, but as I said the Government has assumed legal obligation to compensate them 100%.

Thank you!

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